Got questions?

When will I get my smoothies?

We deliver every Monday. Don’t worry if you’re not home, our packaging will keep them ice cold. Please make sure you give us a heads up if you have any special delivery notes.

If I order Sunday will I receive my smoothies on Monday?

Yes! If you order before 12pm :)

Where do you deliver?

Only in Brisbane at this stage....stay tuned for Sydney and Melbourne :)

What do they come in?

We deliver your smoothie packs in a recycled small white polystyrene box, complete with gel ice packs. Our boxes can sometimes look a little rough around the edges, that's because these boxes are recycled from Broccoli Farmers and Polystyrene Recycling Queensland. To make sure they are recycled properly we are happy for you to leave them out and we will pick them up for your next order.

Is frozen fruit good for you?

While we’d all like to only consume freshly picked produce from the farmer’s market, many of us do not have the time or the capacity to do so. By freezing produce fresh from the farm we manage to lock in all its goodness (think taste, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals) goodness that would otherwise deteriorate rapidly before reaching your local supermarket. Get this: a banana usually travels 14 days before reaching the supermarket, and undergoes its whole ripening process off the stalk in transit!. By drinking our smoothies you’ve got all the goodness of the banana while it’s in its prime. Plus frozen fruit makes the smoothie super cold, thick and less fuss for the perfect consistency!

Can I subscribe to a weekly pack?

Yes! Our subscriptions are 100% flexible, meaning you can add or skip deliveries whenever you want. We offer weekly, fortnightly and monthly options!

How many smoothies does one pack make?

One big smoothie or two small smoothies …but they’re so good, we bet you won’t want to share! 

Can I buy more than a week’s worth?

Definitely – just add more packs to your cart!

What happens if my ice melts?!

Don’t worry! As long as your smoothies are ‘refrigerator-cold’ to touch, they’re safe to be popped straight into your freezer.

How do you help the planet?

FoodWise estimates 20 to 40 per cent of fruit and vegetables is rejected even before it reaches the shops for not being up-to-scratch aesthetically. So we do our best to get some of the fruit and veg that still tastes amazing but may not look as pretty for the supermarket shelves. We also use polystyrene boxes that have once been used for a single use and give them a second life through Polystrene Recycling Queensland. Of course there is always more we can all do, we are always looking for new ways and open to all suggestions. 

Got any extra questions? Email us at hello@persysandco.com