We are a brother and sister team who want to make sure it’s as easy as can be for Aussies to get more fruit and veg in everyday. Our family has been farming produce since 1856 and we thought we’d put a spin on the old man’s ways. We both love to keep healthy without it taking up our lives, draining our bank accounts or killing our taste buds. We believe to feel your best you need to eat quality fruit and vegetables and don’t need to carry on with too many super duper extras or magic powders…so we’ve gone and done all the hard work for you. We source the best fruit and veg from Aussie growers, then wash it, cut it, freeze it, pack it and deliver to your doorstep ready for the blender. Think of us like the milkman – but with smoothies and extra banter. We give you all the real tasty stuff and save you the mucking around. This means more time for you, more love for our farmers and less waste for the planet. So go on - give it a whirl!