Our Story

We are a brother-sister team who love to keep healthy without it consuming our lives, draining our bank accounts or killing our tastebuds.

Our family has been farming since 1856, and we’ve been watching our dad pour his love and attention into the best produce Australia has to offer since we were born. Inspired by our old man’s passion, we’re on a mission to make it easy-peasy for Aussies to get more fruit and veg, every day.

Persys sources, washes, cuts, freezes, and packs exceptional local produce into pre-portioned smoothie flavours, delivered to your doorstep, ready for the blender. We believe in a no-BS approach – forget the super-duper extras or magic powders; we let the goodness of our product do the work for itself.  

We partner exclusively with local providers and judge our ingredients on how they taste, not how they look. Australia, a land of plenty, imports most of its frozen fruit while wasting over 40% of what it grows. That’s not what we’re about and we’re working to change that. Supporting our local farmers gets us up in the morning.

Freezing produce at peak ripeness, straight from the farm, locks in its best nutrients. Our farm-to-freezer smoothies ensure less waste, a longer lifetime and more goodness for you.

If it wasn’t already clear, we’re proud Aussies who love where we live. This resonates in the ingredients we use, through to the names of our smoothie flavours, which are inspired by the iconic beaches that have shaped our lives.

Thank you for supporting our local business. We’re about giving you all the good vibes fruit and veg offer. We do the hard work for you – all you have to do is rip it, fill it, whizz it, and sip it.

We’re like a modern-day milkman, but with a whole lot more to offer. Start your day right with quality Aussie fruit and veg. No-BS, just goodness. Real tasty stuff. More love for our farmers. Less waste for the planet. What a ripper!