We are a brother and sister team on a mission to take the fuss out of making your morning smoothie. We’ve all been there, no matter how organised you are or how healthy your fridge is Monday morning. Life seems to get in the way. By Thursday, there is a wilted celery on the back shelf, so you grab a muffin with a coffee on your way to work. And promise you'll be better next week.

We've created a shortcut to eating right, using 100% Aussie grown produce. We source fruit and veg from Aussie growers, wash it, cut it, freeze it and then pack it into pre portioned flavours. We deliver to your doorstep, ready for the blender. Think of us like the milkman – but with smoothies and extra banter.

Supporting our Aussie farmers and minimising waste off our farms is what gets us up in the morning. In Australia majority of frozen fruit sold is not grown here. Meaning are wasting 40% of what we grow on our farms, it's important we eat what's around us.

Our smoothies live in your freezer to ensure less waste and a longer life time. But also because freezing produce as soon as its picked means you are locking in its nutrients at peak time… aka more good vibes for you. We give you all the real tasty stuff and save you the mucking around. This means more time for you, more love for our farmers and less waste for the planet. So go on - give it a whirl!